About us

Tyrant’s Due is group of Wargamers from North-west Indiana, who love nothing more then to share our love of the hobby with the rest of the world. Our thoughts options and views are some times insightful and other times totally off the wall. So what the hell are we trying to accomplish.

You can contact us at tyrantsdue@gmail.com


We want to make you a part of our gaming group.

To make you laugh,to feel like one of the bunch

Give you our options on the games we play and the products we buy.

To just talk about our games we played that week

To impart our hard core “Tactica” upon you

To just have a good time.


I expect things are going to be rough the first few shows so let me say this

We aim to improve our selves and not suck like so many of the Pod cast out there, I want you the listener to listen to at least one of our segments and decide you are going to try this tactic or buy this product (or not). Do to our input.


So just who the hell are you guys?


Tom Casteel – Started playing Gw games when he was ten years old. 19 years later he is still playing only now he can afford all those things he always wanted in his youth and has no shame when it comes to buying them. He has amassed more armies then most people would really want to, and when asked what armies he plays often forgets two or three several thousand point armies. Through the years he has slumbered him self in the fluff of the world and his shelves are lined with more Black library books then he cares to count. If forced against a wall and made to pick a primary army, his answer would be Tau though he is hesitant to say so less his Sisters be standing in hearing distance. fter 19 years and more rule sets then he can count he still gets rules wrongs and mixes his army books up far to much


Eric Miller- A Master class painter bitch of unparalleled skill and talent. He is the guy that takes two weeks to paint a single edge, naturally he decided to play the IG do to the low Model count of his gun line foot guard list. He has 15 years experience as a Lord commander of the emperors army, with several medals of sacrifice for selling half of those armies on eBay.


Johnathan Lambeth- Has been playing gw games for 12 years, he likes to eat lead miniatures.

Lance Laroy Roy-  A dedicated follower of the blood god on the table top, and a real life follower of slaanesh especially at bars.

Dan- Dan’s a new face to our table top battles, and currently enjoying the total lack of skill it takes to win with grey knights.

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