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Episode 39

Long over due sorry for the wait.

Episode 38

Enjoy kids A look at the DA book that bleeds into some talk on if the chaos codex got the shaft again …

Episode 37

Intro and news 0:00 through 26 26:15 -1:05:30 interview with Vincent Rospond from winged hussar publishing 1:05:30 product reviews Tome of …

Episode 36

This episode talks mainly about our forays into necromunda

Episode 34

This episode contains the typicall inappropriate content as well as a hefty review of black library’s latest offerings  

Episode 33 IS Long

  this episode contains a break down of the chaos Codex, as well as Book 1 of the Horus heresy from Forge …

Episode 32 is coherent !!

4:00 diving right into CHAAAOSSSS previews in white dworf and the offerings from Forge world and their forays into the horus heresy …

Episode 31

Episode train wrecks less then five mins in! Setting a new world record.

Episode 30

    Waring! this episode is Chaotic to the Max, as the boys come home from a week long con. Intro 00.00 …

Episode 29

Intro and interview Tyrant’s due gold standard of pod casting quality 7:30 news 38:00 Sodomy 38:01 Hobby progress This includes a commitment, …