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Episode 47 Is full of shit

This show contains stuff about 40k. TROLOLOOLOLOLOLOL A look at the Horus Heresy BOOK III

Episode 5776

Hey gang, long over due this is more an update then an episode, but with season starting to slow down we’ll be …

Episode 45

First look at the Space marine codex. literally the first look ;).

Episode 43

Episode 43 overveiw Review of the Tome of Excess, A look at the Eldar codex. Lots of off topic rambling.  

episode 42

Had alot of fun recording this one enjoy!  

Episode 41

The tau codex has finally launched and with it comes are first look at the book.

Tyrant’s due Episode 40

Daemons !Daemons !Daemons !Daemons !Daemons !Daemons !Daemons !Daemons !Daemons !Daemons !Daemons !Daemons !Daemons !Daemons !Daemons !Daemons ! oh and then we talk …

Episode 39

Long over due sorry for the wait.

Episode 38

Enjoy kids A look at the DA book that bleeds into some talk on if the chaos codex got the shaft again …